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Evolve your decision-making

Customers Crave Innovation!

Customers want tailored shopping experiences that cater to their preferences, anticipate needs, and simplify their journey. Overwhelming choices cause decision fatigue, hurting sales, and the lack of customization can decrease your brand's value

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Persona AI

Enhancing Industry-Wide


Persona AI recommends frames that complement the consumer’s facial details and features, ensuring both style and comfort


The system suggests jewelry pieces that accentuate the consumer’s individuality, making it easier to choose items that add a touch of elegance


Persona AI helping consumers find the perfect shades and products that enhance their natural beauty

Personal Grooming

The AI offers advice on hairstyles and hair colors that suit the consumer’s unique features, encouraging experimentation with new looks


Persona AI assists consumers in selecting clothing colors and styles that flatter their persoanilty, ensuring they feel confident in their choices


Persona AI is fully customizable. It can be tailored to your specific product range, ensuring that the recommendations align with your inventory and customer preferences


With Accuracy

People Love Persona AI

I really loved this tool, gave me the exact shades which i use. I was really shocked at first but this is genuinely cool


Amazing! Just love the eyeliner section, l'actualy had the same eyeliner yesterday and cant wait to try


I was amazed to see that the eyewear recommended for me is exactly what I use daily. It even showed the style I would have chosen myself, which I found truly helpful


I don't usually wear a lot of jewelry, but the suggested necklaces and earrings were just like what I would choose. In fact, I already own two of the necklaces they recommended


Hey, I tried it and it's amazing, especially the hair color part. It said my face is a bit asymmetrical lol but suggested contouring and eyeliner ideas to balance it

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Spatial Technology

With our spatial technology your customers will engage with your products like never before! Our unique service enriches in hyper-realistic 3D interactive product lines and let’s customers live virtually by letting them try products before buying them which eases their decision-making


Increase Sales


Reduce Returns


Conversion Rate


The 3D virtual try-on technology has been a great relief for our online customers, allowing them to try products at home or in their offices, offering a convenient "try before you buy" experience and propelling us forward

AbsarBusiness Manager, Nayyer Ind

Virtual try-on for eyewear is a game-changer for our online customers, offering a solution to decision-making and letting them try our distinctive eyewear collection before buying. This innovation is truly transformative for our industry

AfaqDirector at Optica

As the owner of a prominent online carpet store, I've received inquiries from customers about live try-ons, and I find it remarkable how they enjoy the process while trying out carpets live in their environment and leads to successful purchases

MusaDirector, VSurfaces

The tech world's ability to collaborate with different industries is impressive. In my long-standing involvement in the carpet industry, I always wanted a "try before you buy" solution, and I'm thrilled with solution we and proven to be great deal for my customers worldwide

FaisalDirector at CACALA

We take your privacy very seriously

We have implemented a number of security measures to protect your experience, including strong encryption. We do not allow any type of third-party involvement. The whole experience is encrypted end-to-end.

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Safeguarding the environment

Minimize time, costs, and CO2 emissions from returns and refunds with our tool. No need to send products - just submit photos taken on your phone in well-lit conditions.

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Pay upon added value

Pay upon added value

Pay upon added value

Pay upon added value

Pay upon added value

No monthly retainer

No monthly retainer

No monthly retainer

No monthly retainer

No monthly retainer

Which platforms are compatible?

Does it pose any risk to the personal data or order details on the website?

Our system is designed in a way that it does not collect personal information from the consumer’s side, nor does it gather order details. This ensures that the data remains secure and remains unaffected by our technology.

Will it impact the performance of my website?